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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the UMD Global Conference 2013 take place?
UMD GC2013 will consist of an academic conference evaluating the last hundred years of Macedonian history, lessons for the future, as well as an economic portion to highlight the need for Macedonians worldwide to give back to our homeland from July 24-27, 2013. The Closing Gala will be held on Saturday, July 27, 2013. In addition, day trips will be organized to Bitola, Krusevo, and the wine region of Macedonia.  

The main conference activities and festivities will be held in Skopje and Ohrid.  UMD has plans to coordinate short visits to the Macedonian native communities in Mala Prespa (Albania), Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria), and to Aegean Macedonia (Greece) so that conference participants can witness the lifestyle of Macedonians throughout our divided ancestral lands. 

Who should attend the conference?
Everyone!!!  This includes: Students, Professionals, Academics, Historians, NGO Representatives, Government Representatives, Artists, Educational Institutions, Businesses, and more.

Why should I attend this conference?
The conference is a rare opportunity to meet and network with some of the most talented and successful Macedonians from around the world.  You’ll be surrounded by global leaders from various age groups and backgrounds. With this gathering of the Diaspora in Macedonia, we send a message to the world that a hundred years later, we are still standing strong!

You will walk away with an understanding of the importance of Macedonian alliances and the ways Macedonia is making Southeast Europe (also known as the Balkans) a better place.  In addition, you will experience Macedonia's history by visiting the main archeological sites and attending the academic conference panel discussions.

What does the registration price include?
Pricing includes all programming from July 24th to July 27th, including the Closing Gala. Tours throughout Macedonia will be offered à la carte.  Click on the program for the full schedule of the conference.

Can I bring my family/children to any of the events?
Of course!!! The 4th Annual UMD Global Conference is a family affair.  Please be considerate of the serious discussions happening during the conference panels.

Can I register at the door?
No, unfortunately tickets will not be sold at the door.  To attend, you must register in advance.


Located on the right bank of the river Vardar next to the city park, 3 km from the city center.

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